Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New clothes from Woman Within

I took a chance a couple of weeks ago, and ordered a button-front, short-sleeved big shirt from Woman Within. I don't usually order shirts like that because the buttons gape across the rack-o-doom, the shoulders usually come halfway down my upper arm, and the sleeves are either too tight or way too loose.
Well, lo and behold, when it arrived today, I tried it on and it fits just as well as one I would have made! The kicker for me, it was on sale for $9.88. I fully intend on going back and ordering a couple more in different colors (this one is purple-y mauve, gray, & black vertical stripes of varying widths and I love it). I plan on wearing it with my jeans or my black knit slacks (may have to see if I can find some purple slacks too). I might even get a couple of tanks to wear under it with it unbuttoned (wow, I'm not into fashion, but this has really opened my eyes to my options on dressing and looking good).
I also got a pair of hunter green knit slacks (those were on sale for $9) with pockets to replace a pair FatCat clawed the hell out of (he has a problem retracting his claws, and is too old to have de-clawed). I have several green shirts I can wear with them, but I want to get a couple more pairs in colors other than black and navy blue and brown (I have enough of those colors....lol).
I had my reservations about Woman Within when I first got a catalog from them, but with the success I had with this order, I think I may try ordering other items from them (if it doesn't fit the way I want, return shipping is free, so that's another point in their favor).


  1. I was kind of turned off by Woman Within's use of decidedly non-plus-size women, considering its entire demographic are plus-size women. But the prices are awesome. You should have a mini photo fashion show of the things you bought.

    As for cats and declawing, you can use a product called Soft Claws, which is basically caps you super glue on your cat's claws. It's much more humane than declawing, which has been described as the equivalent of cutting off a human finger at the knuckle.

  2. rachel - I didn't really care for the fact that they don't use plus-size models, but the prices are good, so...
    I'll ask our vet if they have those and could do that for us (FatCat hates having his feet messed with and will claw in retaliation, he also takes a while to forgive and forget anything he considers an insult to him). We'd have to see how well they work for him, he has trouble retracting his claws, so we end up rescuing him every once in a while when he gets caught on something. Are those caps something that have to be replaced every so often, as their claws grow?

  3. It just doesn't make good sense to use thin models to model plus-size clothes, because the models are just swimming in the clothes, making the clothes look dowdy and poor fitting. My first thought opening the website was: "Ugh, mumus" until I realised that the clothes would probably look good on a woman who actually filled them out. But if they have shirts that fit narrow shoulders while buttoning over a rack of doom, I might have to give them a try! Do you know if they ship to Canada?

  4. becky - I don't know if they ship to Canada, the catalog I got with my order says they ship UPS or parcel post. I would assume parcel post goes to Canada, so it might be worth a shot. If nothing else, you could use their toll-free number to give them a call and see.

  5. You're supposed to replace them every 30 days or so, but it beats having torn and scratched furniture. You can find out more here.

  6. Since RedCats started WomanWithin, I've been pleasantly surprised by the styles, I just wish they'd use real plus models. There are still a few horrendous pieces - mumus - but there's a nice mix of well-made and attractive pieces in with it.

  7. di - I agree. I don't mind the muumuus so much, I use them for nightgowns (that way, if I decide not to get dressed for the day, I'm still decent if someone knocks on the door).


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