Monday, August 20, 2007

Catherine's has Right Fit slacks

I got a flyer in the mail today from Catherine's featuring their new Right Fit slacks. That's right, it's not just jeans like Lane Bryant, it's jeans and slacks. The big plus for me is that Catherine's carry Right Fit all the way up to a size 12 (56" waist). Lane Bryant falls short of that, they only go up to an 8, which totally leaves me out. I knew there was a reason I preferred Catherine's over Lane Bryant and this confirms it for me.
I quit shopping in Lane Bryant stores when the last one I visited had thin saleswomen who looked at me like "what is this fat cow doing in here?". They had no interest in helping me find anything, and said they didn't carry anything that would fit me. Excuse me?! You advertise as a plus-size clothing store, I'm a plus-size woman and you don't have anything that will fit me? Then you've lost my dollars, obviously you don't need my money.
On the other hand, every Catherine's store I've ever been in has plus-size saleswomen who are glad to help me find clothes that fit and that will look good on me. Sometimes I take their suggestions, sometimes not (when I don't take their suggestions it's because I don't like a particular style or fabric or color, not because it wouldn't look good on me, but because if I don't like it, I won't wear it, no matter how good it looks to someone else).
Price-wise, Catherine's and LB are about the same, but I think Catherine's has a better quality (I'm still wearing some of the tops I bought from Catherine's 5 years ago). And their sizing is much more consistent than LB's (and The Woman Within catalog, which used to be LB has totally inconsistent sizing, you can't believe their size charts).
I don't get to shop at Catherine's as often as I would like, but Right Fit in a full range of sizes just adds to my determination to keep shopping with them.

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  1. Hi, I totally agree. I've always been plus size and due to heredity and hormones, I fluctuate from a 22 to a 32, talk about your dressing/shopping potential self esteem issues! Last thing I want is some snotty salesperson looking crazy at me in the store! I've always found Catherines and Lane Bryant similarly priced. Hands down, my experiences over 20+ years is that Catherines CONSISTENTLY offers better service and better quality clothing, not to mention more comfortable dressing rooms and room for large people to move between displays than Lane Bryant. Ive had better shopping experiences at Torrid than LB. I have noticed that not each Catherines store tends to carry different items in my area. I have to go around and figure out which stores cater to the (Im generalizing, no offense intended) : church lady, gardener/granny/homebound, sexy hootchie, career lady,etc. My two cents, thanks for the chat!


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