Friday, July 22, 2011

Pop the Pig game

Ok, granted I don't watch much television, but my husband does, and I hear the commercials. There's been a really annoying one on lately for Pop the Pig, a game where you roll the dice, feed a pig hamburgers, and see who makes him so fat that he pops.
Talk about brainwashing kids into thinking that eating too much is what makes one fat! This game is a good way to do that, and one that parents will buy without even thinking about the connotations of what it's saying. Well, some of them won't think about it, some of them have already bought into the stereotype that fat people got that way by stuffing their faces - and I quote:
Good Game to fight obesity
By Diana Diets from Miami, FL on 3/24/2011
Can Withstand Use, Easy To Play, Entertaining, Fun, Interactive, Nice Layout
Best Uses:
Children, Family
Describe Yourself:
Was this a gift?:
Bottom Line:
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend
Comments about Goliath 1011325 Pop the Pig Game:
Great game to fight obesity. Basically if you eat too many hamburgers you will get fat

This reviewer gave the game 5 stars. From her name, I would venture to say she's bought the Fantasy of Being Thin, lock, stock, and barrel, and is probably a fat-phobe to boot. Not someone I would want as a friend, and not someone from whom I would take game recommendations.
As for the game itself, I give it -5 stars, wouldn't recommend it to my worst enemy (not even MeMeMe Roth), and if this is the kind of game we can expect from Goliath, I don't think I'll be giving them any of my money on any of their games.


  1. Stupid, junior high level tactics. It's sad how many have never grown up.

  2. Great another game to make the fat kids get made fun of. Did you see the latest where they are trying to say fat kids are stupider? I wrote about that on my blog.

  3. You know something even more horrifying? Goliath wanted this have been a man that "popped" instead of a pig. Only after the fat acceptance community found out, and told them they'd be terrifying innocent children who might believe fat people really will pop if they eat too much., they changed it to a pig.

    Yup, these people didn't even think twice about the children who'd be trumatized and have nightmares that one day their parent might pop, would be affected by the game. We're talking about horror film grade body horror here. If it would scare the likes of David Cronenberg, then why on earth put it into the minds of children?


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