Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Gullibility - I can't believe he believed my husband.

My husband was talking to one of his co-workers about his knee replacement the other day. Co-worker wanted to know how knee replacements were done. DH told him they cut the knee apart, shave part of the bone off and screw in replacement parts to the top bone and bottom bone in the leg. Co-worker wanted to know how that was working for DH. DH said fine, except that they ran out of screws when it came time to screw in the part for the top bone, so they had to duct-tape it in. C-W asked if the duct tape hurt, DH said no, it was special duct tape, made just for that eventuality. C-W wanted to know if they were going to cut his knee back open and put screws back in when they got more. DH said hell no, one surgery was plenty for him, and the duct tape was working just fine.
DH came home and told me this story and I was rolling in the floor, laughing so hard. I can't believe someone would actually believe that (but I can believe that my husband is such a bullshitter that he would say something like that)! To top it all off, DH came home from work Sunday and said that the co-worker had asked him again how the duct tape was holding up on his knee. I'm trying to decide if he really believes DH or if he's pulling DH's leg now.

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  1. Ahaha. That reminds me of the time I told my kids that cotton candy was made out of cotton that had been specially processed to turn it into a sugar-like substance.


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