Thursday, January 7, 2010

I want a BB gun on my minivan

Yeah, I'm an aggressive bitch. Ever since DH has been off work, recuperating from his knee surgery, I've been driving him around when he gets antsy and just can't handle being in the house anymore (and that happens a lot at night).
I've realized that I really hate cars/trucks/vans that have those damned fog lights that are the size of headlights and aren't yellow like fog lights are supposed to be. When they have them lit at night (and they always do, headlights and fog lights), it can be blinding, even if you look at the right side of the road to avoid the lights.
Do these asshats not realize that in foggy conditions those white fog lights aren't going to do them one fucking bit of good? Driving with those white fog lights lit will be the same as driving with your bright lights on, and that's not something that is recommended to be done when it's foggy out (been there, tried that, and almost gone in the ditch).
So a BB gun mounted on the front of my minivan, with a joystick controller inside, would be awesome. Then when those asshats drive at me, I can shoot out their fog lights. Face it, people, if you're that blind at night that you need your bright headlights and white fog lights to see where you're going, you have no business on the road.
Well, it's not gonna happen, but I can dream, and I've gotten it out of my system for now...................til the next time I have to drive at night and get blinded by some asshole who thinks his vehicle needs to light up the road like a klieg light.


  1. My boyfriend and I want to find a way to mount ultrabright lights on the back of the car and focus them into people's eyes. Or maybe a concave mirror to do the same.

    We figure it would be highly illegal, but it would feel soooo nice.

  2. Oh yeah, I've wanted to do that too. I totally despise people who tailgate at night with their bright lights on and refuse to pass. I had one do that last night, and I even slowed down to 40 miles an hour from the speed limit of 60 and he wouldn't pass me. I couldn't see what was coming at me down the road in front because he was blinding me. I ended up braking hard enough that he almost rear-ended me (I knew he was following too close, so as I was braking, I also pulled onto the shoulder, if I hadn't, he would have hit me). Then he passed me, and he had to have been doing 70 after he passed me, I was doing 60 and he got so far ahead of me, his tail lights looked like tiny dots in the distance. He could have passed me when I slowed down the first time, there wasn't any traffic coming at us, I don't know why he didn't, maybe he thought it was fun tail-gating me (bet he didn't think it was so much fun when he thought he was going to have pay for a new minivan, though).


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