Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hooray for expanded mobility!!!

I finally got my Rollator walker last week. This means that I can now shop in places that don't have electric carts (like some malls, and most stores). It also means that when DH wants to go to the local toy shows, pancake breakfasts, and Pioneer Power shows, we can actually go because I'll have the walker to lean on (and when my back cramps and I can't walk anymore, it has a seat so I can sit until the cramping goes away). I won't have to worry about standing in lines forever anymore (and let me tell you, the pancake breakfasts around here have some of the longest lines I've ever seen).
This is a picture of it:

I ordered it from, it was originally priced at $595, I got it for $163.62 (and didn't have to pay any shipping and handling, got it 4 days after I ordered it). It has a weight capacity of 400 lbs, so it's well worth the money (and was mostly assembled, just had to install the handles with the brakes, the basket, and the back rest).
I know I'm probably going to get looks from people when they see me using it, since I'm a fat woman - "Oh noes, she's fat and using a walker, what a lazy fat fatty mcfatterson she is." (same shit when I use the electric carts at WallyWorld). But ya know what, I don't care. They don't live with the pain I have, they don't know anything about it (and I don't talk about it much in the meatworld), and if this is going to widen my horizons and let me get out more and do more with DH, then I'm all for it.
Hell, I can actually go shopping with him at Menard's now, since Menard's doesn't have those electric carts, and the one wheelchair they have sure as hell doesn't fit my fat ass (it might fit my D-I-L, who is 5' 10" and 150 lbs). I'll be able to spend more time shopping in individual stores because I'll have a place to sit when my back starts hurting because I've been standing for too long - which may not be a good idea, more time to shop means more time to spend money......
We even have a bike/walking trail that runs past our house that DH and I will finally be able to use in the summer time now (can't use it in the winter time, it's a snowmobile trail then, and those snowmobiles zoom by, even here in town).
I am so looking forward to finally being able to get out and about more than I have been. This Rollator walker is going to open up my life so much, I can't even think of all the ways it's going to help.


  1. If you don't mind my asking, what causes your back pain? I originally had a diagnosis of spinal stenosis, but after going to PT apparently what I have is an out-of-alignment pelvis. Not seen any improvement from PT yet, but have had only a few sessions.

    And I've been tempted to get one of those, to have an immediate place to sit when I need one because the pain has gotten to OMG levels. Thanks for the review of it!

  2. That's fabulous! There was a woman on my recent Central European trip who had one with her and she used hers every day (the bus drivers loaded it on and off of the buses for her-it fit underneath). There was a lot of walking on the trip and she managed it fine with her rollator.

  3. What's really stupid is that the same people who go around squawking about exercising more are going to be the same people who stigmatize those who use these little walkers to help them get around.

  4. DataGoddess - I don't know what is causing the pain for sure. About 12 years I was sent for an MRI, but I only made it about half-way through it because I couldn't handle laying on my back for the hour and a half the MRI took (my back cramped up and my legs went numb and I was crying from the pain and couldn't hold still). Every doctor since then has blamed the pain on my fat and won't order an MRI (and I could handle an MRI now, they have sitting ones, I did that for my brain MRI). I may talk to my neurologist about that when I see her next week.

  5. Love it!! I wonder where I can find one of this in Brazil.

  6. CCX - Maybe a medical supply store, if you have them there?

  7. Mariellen I am glad you found something to help you gain mobility! I too have lower back pain and numbness like that to the point where I cant walk more than maybe 150 feet most days. You might be interested in a TravelScoot ( I bought one and it has really changed my life. Elizabeth Fisher started a blog about hers you can check it out at she also has a facebook page that follows her TravelScoot adventures as well as those of her followers.

    Disclaimer: I have no commercial connection to TravelScoot, but I love mine and it lets me go shopping any where I want for as long as I want. I can go do fun stuff with my grandkids when they visit, this may sound so trivial to the mobile but this is the first year I have been able to "go" do anything with my grandkids because of my inability to walk any great distance.

    The best part about the TravelScoot is it folds up and fits in your trunk. No special van or lift needed.

  8. That is quite a deal. How were you able to get such a discounted rate. I know what you mean about standing in the lines. It's crazy.

  9. cynth - the TravelScoot won't hold my weight, it only holds up to 320 (or 340 lbs?) and I weigh more than that, so it wouldn't work for me. But the walker will do quite well for now, so I'm satisfied with it.

    Everyday BBW - I think that's the everyday discounted price on, and when I went back to check on it, it was even cheaper. Price had gone down to $149.98 or something like that. I always check for those big ticket items to see if they're cheaper there than at the medical supply stores (and they usually are).


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