Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Totally sick of the health care debate

I've been staying out of the health care debate, for the most part. I've experienced most of the situations that everyone is talking about - no insurance at all, being on Medicaid, having insurance through work but not being able to afford to use it, and now I have Medicare and Tricare (Medicare because I'm over 55 and disabled, and Tricare because my husband is retired from the Navy).

What pisses me off about the whole health care debate is the part where all the powers-that-be think that making fat people pay more for their health insurance is going to cut costs. Fat people aren't any more costly to the system than thin people or so-called average-sized people.
You want to know the people who cost the system the most? People who drink and drive, repeatedly, and don't stop to think about how many people they could injure or kill. People who participate in sports and get injured (don't tell me that torn ACLs, torn muscles, broken bones etc aren't expensive to fix), people who get old (yeah, the longer you live, the better your chances of having things like heart attacks, strokes, broken bones, etc), people who have unprotected sex (yeah, those STDs aren't cheap to treat, and unexpected pregnancies - well, let's see now, an abortion isn't cheap - if you can get one, and if you can't, it sure as hell isn't cheap to raise a kid), people who are addicted to drugs (it's not cheap to get treatment for them, if that's even an option - most of the time, officials would rather just jail them, not a cheap option either).
All of these people that cost health care dollars are thin, average, fat, and every size in-between. But it's too difficult to figure out how to get decent health care for everyone without bankrupting the country, isn't it, unless you have a scapegoat. And who makes a better scapegoat than fat people? After all, they went after smokers and were successful in banning them from public spaces, and have even been successful in banning them from some private spaces (some cities/states have banned smoking in cars if you have kids in them, some have banned smoking in open-air parks, some apartment buildings won't rent to smokers). They've even been successful in upping the taxes on cigarettes to an outrageous amount (I can remember going to the store back when I was 8 years old and getting a pack of smokes for my aunt and paying less than 50 cents for them). Being a former smoker, I'm not going to get into the right/wrong of it all (I quit smoking when cigarettes went up to $1.50 a pack, and I only smoked a carton a month. I didn't quit because it was bad for me, I quit because I had better places to spend the money than on something that usually just burned up in an ashtray when I got busy and forgot I was smoking).
Now they're talking about fat taxes on soda/sugar-sweetened drinks and junk food in order to end their made-up "obesity epi-panic". I think the only thing holding them back from implementing that tax right now is the fact that a lot of not-fat people would be outraged at having to pay a fat tax on soda and junk food, when it so obviously is not making them fat.
I wouldn't have a problem with this so-called "fat tax" if they would guarantee that every dollar of it collected went to pay for health care for those who can't afford to pay for it themselves and don't qualify for Medicare or Medicaid. But I would say the chances of that happening are slim and none, and slim just left town.
The thing is, I'm such an obstinate bitch, a fat tax wouldn't stop me from eating junk food. Are they going to put a fat tax on potatoes and cooking oil (home-made french fries)? How about a fat tax on sugar, flour, baking soda, salt, eggs, milk, vanilla, etc (can we say ingredients for cakes/cookies)? Hell, I could have my own little black market going in home-made junk food, fat tax-free.....ROFLMAO!!!!


  1. Vesta,

    I totally want to collaborate with you on black market sweets. We could make a killing! Bwahahaha.... ;)

  2. I thought your blog was interesting. It is hard not to get in on teh health care debate. I have blog about weight and how it is affecting my children and me. I would love your opinion.


  3. Lucia - Don't worry about the spelling and grammar, what you have to say transcends all that. Keep saying it, and keep reinforcing it for your kids that whatever size they are is just fine, it's the size they're meant to be. :)

  4. I completely agree with you on this Vesta. This debate for health care (morality debate anyone?) is so out of control, confusing, and lackluster that I just get disgusted hearing about it. There is too much corporate money at stake for there to be a public option...ever...in my opinion. Insurance is a gambler's game anyway (she says while fully insured). Think about it...insurance came to be as a way of making money off of someone's ability to stay healthy or alive. Believe me, insurance companies would have long been out of business if they weren't making copious amounts of money at it. Basically, you are playing the odds on the amount of medical care an individual will need at any given age...and what doesn't get used lines the pockets of that company....but you know this already.
    Additionally, taxing "sweets" is the last step towards rounding up all the fatties (when taxing fails to produce the money they want) and dropping us on an isolated island somewhere. I equate it to the swine flu panic....tax the fatties or we're ALL GONNA DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!


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