Monday, June 1, 2009

Letter to Woman Within

I used the "Contact Us" form at Woman Within today. I'm so damned fed up with their lack of options as far as pants are concerned. They finally started carrying the pants I like again (polyester/rayon/spandex, straight leg, diagonal slash pockets), and they have them in 5 colors - charcoal gray, brown, dark navy, black, and true olive. While the price is a little more than I really want to pay ($24.99 each, but I'd pay it if they had them in a 32" inseam), I would have ordered 1 pair of each color. What stopped me? The inseam, of course. They only come in a 30" inseam, which hits me right above my ankles (yeah, I'm not interested in wearing high-water pants, thank you very much). And it pisses me off because they carry the same damned pants in wide leg and boot cut in petite, average, and tall, same colors/same fabric, but guess what? No fucking pockets in them.
So this is the letter I wrote in their "contact us" form:
I would like to order some pants from your catalog, item #25-17777-842, but you only carry them with a 30" inseam and I need a 32" inseam. I would order the 25-33835-842 pants, but they don't have pockets, neither do the 25-55058-842 pants, even though the inseams are long enough in both of those. Why can't you carry pants with pockets (slash pockets, not those useless sideseam pockets) in all 3 leg styles and in petite, average, AND tall? I happen to be a fat woman with long legs who wants pockets (the diagonal slash pockets) in my pants, and would love to be able to choose from straight, boot-cut, and wide leg styles, and not be stuck with pants that either have no pockets at all, or have hems that hit above my ankles if they do have pockets.
I buy most of my clothing at Woman Within, but you are really making me reconsider that. I had purchased 4 pairs of the pants like I'm describing (32" inseam, straight leg, diagonal slash pockets, polyester/rayon/spandex) several years ago, and then you quit carrying them. Now you have them back, but they just don't have a long enough inseam.
You seem to have plenty of options in pants styles and lengths if you like the sideseam pockets, but I don't like them, every time I sit down, whatever is in my pocket falls out. Rather makes the pocket useless, don't you think?
I guess I'll have to go back to making all my clothes and you can do without the money I would otherwise be spending with you.

We'll see what kind of response I get from them, but I'm betting it's going to be a form letter saying they're sorry, but they just can't carry everything everyone wants or some such bullshit (can you tell I've written complaining letters to clothing catalog companies before and what kind of response I've gotten?).


  1. I know what you're going through. I was surprised when I did find perfect-fitting, perfect pocket pants at The Avenue at the end of winter, so when I decided I would finally buy myself my first pair of jeans in about 20 years I went back there a few weeks ago. They had my size (26/28 petite) but every single pair was in that ugly cropped length. I asked the salesgirl where the *adult style* jeans are, and was told the longer length jeans will be coming in around August, when the Fall fashions arrive. Until then, it's all shorts and cropped.

  2. suzybear - Yeah, I've found that even on the online catalog sites. Most of the pants they're carrying are either shorts or that ugly cropped length (not that they don't look good on some people, I just don't like them). I wear long pants all year round, simply because I have to wear compression stockings to keep my legs/ankles from swelling, and those compression stockings aren't exactly a fashion statement I want the whole world to see (the only ones that fit me correctly and do the job come in one color - beige, and you get no patterns in the material). If they were cute socks, I wouldn't mind showing them off, but showing the same pair of socks every day of the year, well, it's boring (and I get tired of explaining why I have to wear those ugly stockings). With wearing long pants, I don't have to deal with that, but to not be able to find the pants I want out of all the different styles offered, that's just unacceptable to me (and if I didn't have to climb those steep, narrow stairs to my sewing room, I'd do more sewing).


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