Sunday, May 3, 2009

Stillwater Sightseeing

We just got back this afternoon from a weekend spent in Stillwater MN. We went down there to take DH's step-daughter and family out for dinner, and they brought the kids back to the motel so they could go swimming with us (kids are 7, 12, 13, and 14). Wore them out, they had so much fun in the pool. That was Friday night. Saturday, DH took me sightseeing (he used to work at the Wal-Mart there) around downtown Stillwater. Got to see all of the antique shops, checked out the riverboats on the St Croix River, saw the trolley car that does tours of the downtown area, and made plans to go back and take that tour, and check out the dinner cruise on one of the riverboats. We also went by the Minnesota Zephyr and got a picture of it. It's really too bad that the Zephyr won't be running its trips anymore, I would have liked to have gone on one of those. We also saw where the caves are that house a brewery, DH has been there and said it was a really neat place (they also have tours, we may go back for one of those too).
One of the smaller riverboats.
Another of the riverboats on the St Croix River.
The largest of the 3 riverboats, this one has the dinner cruise.
Downtown Stillwater.
More downtown Stillwater.
Neat mural on the side of one the buildings in downtown Stillwater.
The old sawmill, has a couple of shops on the bottom floor, didn't go inside to see the rest.
The Minnesota Zephyr engine at one end of the train (there's an engine at each end).
A couple of the bigger boats in drydock by the Zephyr on the St Croix River.
St Croix River and part of the lift bridge to Wisconsin.
A much better picture of the lift bridge.
A small pavilion down on the St Croix River, they have the fireworks there on the 4th of July (or did, the last time DH was there).
St Croix River

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