Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Woo Hoo! I found some pants today

I know not everyone likes Wal-Mart, but I found some awesome (for me, anyway) pants there today. They look like the denim stretch leggings, but with a wider leg opening at the hem. Elastic waist, pockets, and the legs are actually long enough. WM is carrying them in sizes up to a 4X (26/28), which is what I wear. They actually have colors other than navy and black, too. I got a purple pair and a charcoal gray pair, but they also had dark aqua, sage green, tan, white, a very small check in black & white, and black, as well as a couple of shades of denim blue. Best of all, they were only $17 (White Stag was the brand). WM is also carrying tops up to a 5X (30/32) and they are actually cute! I got a scoop neck, short-sleeve, gathered top in a charcoal gray & white print, and a purple & white baby-doll top with purple lace at the neck with rhinestone flowers in the lace (kind of a crinkly, stretchy fabric). Both tops were only $14 each, from Faded Glory.
Actually, DH bought them all for me for Christmas, so I had to box them up and wrap them when we got home........LOL If I can remember, after Christmas, I'll put them on and take pics to post here of how they look. There were a lot of other cute tops there that I liked, so I'll probably be going back to get more when I have money to spend on clothes.
DH also knows what he's getting for Christmas from me, since he told me which cars to order from Motormint (he collects die-cast cars). I don't think the cars are going to get here in time for Christmas and his birthday, so I printed out pictures of them to put in cards for him, so he has something to open when family is here. Neither of us mind knowing in advance what our gifts to each other are, so it's cool :) And at least this way, I know he's going to like what I got him, and he knows I'm going to like what he got me (and that what he got me fits me).
So if y'all are looking for cute casual pants and tops, Wal-Mart's plus size section just might be the solution.


  1. That's great Mariellen! I know how exciting it is to find things that fit, you like and don't cost a fortune. I think I found the same pants. I wear black pants all the time. I used to get them at Goody's but they changed the style and I don't like them anymore. Plus, the quality has gone down over the years.

    The ones I found recently at WalMart are also by White Stag. They have a relaxed waist. I carry a lot of my weight in the upper body/stomach so most waistbands are too tight. If I get them to fit my waist, they are too big in the leg.

    These by White Stag are perfect. The waist is comfy and the leg fits great. And they are nice quality and have held up well in washing. I've had ALL kinds in ALL price ranges and these are fab. I bought 5 pair. I'm going to buy more next pay period!

  2. Kat - yeah, it is great to find something that fits and we like (and doesn't cost a fortune). I'm going back as soon as I can to get some more. I want the dark aqua, sage, black, and the tan ones (no white for me, I can't keep white anything clean at all). I'm not into checked pants, so I don't think I'll get those either (but I may reconsider that one, depends on my mood when I go in for the other colors). I don't need the denim blue ones, I have my boot cut denim leggings from Woman Within (and they have pockets too). If I get another 4 pair, I should be set for quite a while.


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